Why is Pressure Important?

Conventional well water systems are typically designed to work with a pressure switch, set at 40-60 PSI (pounds per square inch), and a storage tank. The pump turns on, at full capacity, when the pressure drops to 40 PSI to fill a pressurized storage tank. Once the tank is filled to capacity, the pump shuts off and water demand is met by the storage tank. The pump runs at one speed. When you use multiple sources of water (example: shower & dishwasher), your water pressure drops quickly causing fluctuations in pressure and water flow to diminish.

The Pentek Intellidrive helps eliminate these issues. The Pentek Intellidrive will maintain constant pressure output regardless of fluctuating demand. The Pentek Intellidrives works utilizing a pressure transducer that signals the pump to change speed to meet the water demand, while keeping pressure constant. When the water demand increases (i.e. the dishwasher gets turned on), the pump speed increases allowing constant pressure at all times. When the water demand decreases (the dishes are done), the pump speed decreases. The pump maintains constant pressure by only speeding up when it needs to.