Introducing Intellidrive™ by Pentek

Constant Pressure for Well Pump Systems

The PENTEK INTELLIDRIVE Water Pressure Control Center automatically adjusts motor speeds to meet changes in water demand. Instantaneous feedback from an electronic pressure transducer instructs the drive to change the submersible well pump motor speed to maintain constant pressure throughout the system.

Pump Motor Input Output HP Range
2-Wire 1-Phase 1-Phase 0.5 - 1.5
3-Wire 1-Phase 1-Phase 0.5 - 2.0
3-Wire 1-Phase 3-Phase 0.5 - 3.0

Pentek Intellidrive™ Applications

  • Residential Water Systems

    Maintain pressure similar to municipal water systems

  • Landscape Irrigation

    Maintain constant pressure with a consistent spray pattern, every time, when run off home water system

  • Pool and Spa Filling

    Maintain constant pressure during high-volume filling applications

Homeowner Benefits

  • Maintains Constant Pressure Output

    Regardless of fluctuating demand

  • Extends Life of Pump and Motor

    VFD has Soft Start / Coast-to-Stop Functionality to minimize mechanical stress on pumping system

  • Space-Saving Solution

    A system using a VFD drive utilizes a smaller pressure tank to save space

The Intelligent Control™

The PENTEK INTELLIDRIVE™ keypad is designed for simple, "plug and play" operation.

Pentek Intellidrive Control Diagram
Enclosure Dimensions
Enclosure Width Enclosure Height Enclosure Depth
9.25" 17.5" 6.0"
Carton Dimensions (in.) 10.4" width • 22.3" height • 9.4" depth
Shipping Weight (lbs.) 22 lbs.
Ambient Temperature Range -20°C (-4°F) to 50°C (122°F)
Ambient Humidity Range 95% non-condensing

PID SERIES Variable Frequency Drives

1-Phase Input / 1-Phase Output
Part Numbers Motor Type Max HP Input Voltage Max Output Amps Enclosure Type
PID10 2-Wire* | 1-Phase
3-Wire | 1-Phase
0.5 - 1 HP 190V - 265V 9.5A
PID20 2-Wire* | 1-Phase
3-Wire | 1-Phase
0.5 - 1.5 HP
0.5 - 2 HP
190V - 265V 11A
PID50 3-Phase 0.05 - 5 HP 190V - 265V 18A NEMA 3R

*Only compatible with PENTEK brand 2-Wire motors.

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A Closer Look

Competitive Product Comparison

1 Ground Detection Detects and displays when there is a grounding problem No competitors offers this type of technology
2 Pressure Control Device Piezo resistive transducer for precise pressure control, greater dependability and protection against water hammer. Some competitors offer mechanical pressure switches, which are less accurate, and prone to wear over time
3 Fully Programmable Drive Easily programmable for a variety of applications and specific settings Most competitors offer factory-configured settings, which limit flexibility in applications
4 Diagnostics LCD display provides on-demand information for easy diagnostics and troubleshooting Most competitors offer a flashing LED sequence, which provides unclear diagnostic information
5 EMI / RFI Filters Best in the industry to eliminate potential interference Most industry competitors offer limited interference filtering capabilities
6 Connections Easy-access conduit holes align with appropriate terminal blocks for straight-in accessibility Some competitors are designed with tight, cramped access -less space makes connections more challenging
7 Terminal Blocks Removable and replaceable terminal blocks for ease of wiring motor and power supply Some competitors with fixed blocks require replacement of drive for stripped terminals
8 Fan Temperature-sensitive intelligent fan operates as necessary, conserving energy and maintenance costs Most operate continuously, increasing energy consumption, maintenance costs, and operational noise

*60 Hz operation is recommended as the industry standard. Intermittent 80 Hz operation is an acceptable option.
Ongoing 80 Hz operation may reduce the life of the pump and motor.